Stockport Shorts

Stockport Shorts

2020 Amateur
Short Film

Underline 1

10 Shortlisted Films
will be shown at an
Awards Ceremony
at The Light Cinema
date TBC 2020

Title Landing Prizes Underline 2
Cinema Seats
Rules projection

There are 2 age categories
under 16 & over 16

Any genre
animation, drama, comedy, documentary

All entries must be family friendly

The films must feature and/or be about the
Stockport Town Centre area

Show a physical Stockport
landmark in at least one scene

Be 5 minutes long

Before you go off on your creative journey please read the following:

Stockport Shorts is a film competition organised by Totally Stockport. There are two age categories 13 – 16 yrs and Over 16. If you are Under 16 you must ensure you are accompanied by an adult when filming your content and stay safe at all times. Please ensure an adult, parent / carer completes the entry form on your behalf and gives their consent for you to take part. By sending your short film entry in you agree/consent that it can be used by Totally Stockport indefinatly for marketing / promotional purposes for the film competition and other marketing activity after the event. You must have approval by any people, actors or background artists to appear in your film and ensure you have permission to film in locations if needed. No copying ! It is your responsibility to create a unique film and not plagerise existing content. You will be notified by email if your film has been shortlisted. You agree for your entry to be placed in the public domain with your name. You agree the data you provide will be used by Totally Stockport for the purpose of managing your entry into the film competition. Your data will not be passed on to a 3rd party.

A panel of judges will shortlist 5 films from each age category to be shown at the awards ceremony.

1 winner from each category will receive the following prizes.

Ticket Dashes

Upload your film onto and create a private password protected link to send to us.


If under 16, entry must be completed or approved by your parent or guardian.